Come and See with OSGTemporary Tattoos with a Laser Printer

Did you know that you can create temporary tattoos at home with your own inkjet or laser printer? In this edition of “Come and See with OSG” we are going to show you just how easy it is to do!

Things you’ll need:

  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Temporary Tattoo Paper
  • Scissors or a plotter to contour cut

The Printer we are using is our HP Color Laserjet Pro 454dn and the paper we are using is the FOREVER laser tattoo paper (we will be trying the Sunnycopa paper soon so check the group for a review on that.) The first thing you need to do is decide on your artwork. This can be something you find on the internet or something you create using a design program such as Corel or Photoshop. QUICK TIP: You need to make sure your workspace matches your paper size so you can layout your designs properly. Once you have your design you want it you are ready to print. FOREVER laser tattoo paper is a 2 step process, there is an “A” paper that is the paper you print with the matte side being the print side and the nonprintable side being the side with the FOREVER logos on it. Then there is the “B” paper, this is the “glue” paper that has a gloss side and a matte paper backing side that will be disposed of during the process. Print your image in reverse and then send it to your printer.

Now it's time to make the temporary tattoo complete by “marrying” the 2 sheets of paper together. To do this start by peeling off a corner of the white backing paper from the B-Paper and fold it over placing the A-Paper face up on a flat surface. Next you will need to stick the exposed piece on the corner of the A-Paper Use a squeegee, ruler or something similar and push the B-Paper backing paper away by rubbing over the B-Paper. BOOM!  The glue is now applied and the tattoo paper is ready for transfer.

Applying the temporary tatoo is fairly simple. You're going to need to cut around the design as exact as possible, you can do this by using scissors or by using a cutter/plotter. The reason for this is so that you remove the extra blank adhesive. When you are ready to apply you will need to peel off the glossy side of the temporary tattoo.  Position the temporary tattoo face down on clean and dry skin and then soak the temporary tattoo with a damped sponge until wet thoroughly. I count to 10 while applying light pressure and know it’s ready to be peeled off when it can be slid away without using much force. There you have it, you printed and applied your own temporary tattoo! Think of all the uses for this and extra service you can now provide to your customers! 

Temporary Tattoo Paper - &

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